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Welcome to Maley Productions!

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About Us, The Creaters

Alexander Maley

I come from a very small town in Michigan; where everyone knows evryone. I am known as the "kid with the cool Go-Kart" and "that kid with the computer lab." I've always been into retro and modern computers. It wasn't until 2016 that my dream of owning a computer lab actually came true. My brother and I would go to esate sales and garage sales to collect old computers; And after some time, we had a lab. Him and I own close to 40 comuters now. My favorite is the Amstrad PC. I don't use it that often, but when I do, it's so interesting! I never really understood internal combustion engines until the Covid lockdown. I was stuck at my mom's house, which is't the house I have my lab at, so I started to learn small engines and how the work. I've gotten really good at tuning them and modding them. I've also gotten into coding in HTML, which is what this website uses to operate. I wouldn't say I've changed alot over the years, I'm 17 by the way, but recently I've been less of a computer wizard and more a engine nerd. That's only because I'm not at my lab making cool stuff happen with computers. I have always liked making videos with old camcorders and taking pictures with old cameras. It may be more work than taking out your smart telephone and taking a video or picture, but its more fun and interesting to use the older stuff. I've always wanted to be famous for something. Whether its YouTube, making a successful car company, running a retro computer rescue service, or staring in a movie; I want to die being known. I have also gotten into the science of paranormal. I never really understood it until recently, 2020. It's pretty cool to talk to a person who is no longer in this dimension with us. And I plan on sharing these experiences with you. Same with my YouTube channel; I really enjoy showing people what I know and what I have. Not to brag, but to get more people interestd in reto tech and small engines. So that is me!

Noah Cook

My name is Noah Cook and I'm an EXTREMEly athetic kid. I'm a three season athlete: I bowl, play tennis, and roller skate. I like motorcycles, some cars (not really a big car guy), quads, ATVs, and that kinda stuff. I try to get into building and modding engines but I don't really like doing that too much. I'd rather spend my time riding it. I forsee myself as a camera operater or producer for films later in life. I hope I can get into college. I probably won't becasue I'm not black; Whites and Asians have a hard time getting into college. I'm into anyting "R E T R O" or old. I like music from 2004 and backwards. I don't like anything from mid 2000's and up. I like old stuff because it's reliable and proven to work. Except certian newer stuff like phones; I don't like brick phones. I got into film making when I got my first camcorder made in the 90's from my grandma. I used to just mess around with that, until one day I decided to get into film making. I talked to Alex and he had old cameras too. Fast foward to 11th grade, I got accepted into St. Clair TEC for Digital media; that's cameras, photography, and graphic design. I go there after lunch every day. It really helped me with my film making and digitally creative aspects. I became interested in the paranormal back in 7th grade when I first saw "Ghost Adventures" on TV. I thought it was cool since I've never had any paranormal experiences myself. So I figured why not go out there and see if it's real. So that's it!

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